So, while fanning the pages of Details magazine I read a tiny blurb about Oregon based company Grove. They make iPhone covers from bamboo. They offer three shades to choose from, I might add. But that isn't what makes them so awesome...THIS is a small five man team that will laser engrave any custom design you want (set up in black & white that is) onto the bamboo shell that is the cover. My mind has been all over the place thinking of killer buck-related designs, haha. The only kicker for me is that...I don't have an iPhone. Not from my lack of wanting one, that is for sure, but AT&T doesn't hardly get reception where I'm at and dropped calls frankly aren't good for business. So, i'm sharing this so I can live vicariously through other's iPhones, haha. If you like to keep it simple, you can buy one plain or spice it up with a pick from their artist series. These are my favorite artist series designs.