For real! Where does the time go!?I have been racking up those SkyMiles for sure over the past few weeks and have been a busy bee diligently filing design requests and preparing for the upcoming holidays with paintings, stationary and more that will be for sale soon. It's design/work/life 24/7 so hopefully I can set aside some time to make a proper online store. But,I am definitely taking a weekend to myself and plan on enjoying the changing leaves and the smell of autumn. But, of course i can't sit still... think I might have myself a mini-road-trip and pay the parents an overdue visit. There is just something about's always calling me! Plus, rumor has it, my talented Momma has made me some custom signature curtains...SCORE!

The Vera Wang for Hartmann Launch Party was a big success and we have been running around the office taking in requests for press kits, product and the like. Shout out to the Vera team, as they were so delightful to work with!

Also, I just got back from the Motivation Show in Chicago, too. We have been equally pleased with the compliments on our booth set up and product assortment displays. High-five marketing team!

I hope everyone is enjoying the mild weather and smell of autumn leaves! Happy Friday!